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There's cover and then there's our cover- gold for gold, we're hard to beat!

Gold Hospital cover
No excesses, exclusions, benefit limitation restrictions or co-payments on our watch.*

Rolling Extras

80% back on most extras.* 

We’re Australia’s only health insurance Fund providing Rollover on your unclaimed Annual Maximums on most extras* 

*Subject to Waiting Periods and other conditions. Rollover applies once you’ve completed your first 12 months membership (2 years for Major Dental). Other conditions may also apply. Contact us for more information. 

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Critical Assessment

How secure is your cover when you need it most?

It's easy to forget about yourself when your job is looking after others. So if it's time to call an emergency on your health insurance, we're here to help look no further than cover that's devoted to those in the emergency services, Police Health & Emergency Services Health.

How secure is your cover when your health needs it most?


Evaluate your current situations to understand your needs

Provide detailed comparisons with any fund and product 

See if our gold products are the right match for you and your family

Provide expert advice on private health Insurance

Provide you with all you need to know to make an informed decision

Handle the paper work if you decide to join

Your current policies are tested against the best

Premium analysis

Excesses, exclusion and co-payments 

Items covered under policy

Benefit limits and annual maximum when you claim  

Ready to find out more?

Call it in,  you've earnt it.

 Cover like no other  

From police officers, firefighters, paramedics,  SES,  and water rescue, through to those who work or volunteer in emergency services and hospitals, including nurses, doctors, administration - plus so can your family. 

Eligible family members include partners, spouses, children, adult children and their family, parents, siblings, and adult siblings and their family and grandchildren.

What our team can do for you

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Let our team run a thorough stress test on your current insurer and see how it stacks up against our cover.

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